Wednesday, March 11, 2015

How To Potty-Train Your Toddler [in 3 Easy Steps]

Okay, so first of all...

that's a JOKE.

I hope I didn't sorely disappoint all of you. I'm definitely not an expert on potty-training toddlers, AND even if you ARE an expert (whatever that means), I don't think "three easy steps to potty-training" actually exist. (Yes? No? You have those easy steps? Do tell.)

Anyway, that aside, I mentioned potty-training on here, and I've had a couple people ask me what my methods are, so here's basically what I've done with the girls. (I have no experience with potty-training boys. I know, you're shocked: Matthias is still in diapers.)

One, I've removed their diapers, and kept their diapers off, except for nap-time, bed-time, and errands/church/etc. When I was starting out with Rachel, I used to keep her diaper on (and take her to the bathroom every 30 minutes or something), but that didn't work at all. She just kept peeing in it, and I got frustrated.

Yes, the kids pee on the floor, and you as the parent have to clean it up. But I think it speeds the process along, if the child actually *feels* what's going on (sorry).

Two, I occasionally ask the child (like before bath-time, or lunch-time) if they need to pee, but other than that, I try to wait for them to tell ME. This can take a little while, but eventually, the kids catch on, and they run by themselves to the toilet (we have a small plastic toilet, which sits next to our other toilet).

Three, I give the child some incentive to use the bathroom. Lots of parents do this, and it's because it really works! :) If every time (at least for the first few days), the child gets to eat something special, it definitely makes them more enthusiastic about the whole thing!

You ready for number four? I love this one. :D It's called "Giving Mom Incentive, Too." ;-) When I was potty-training Rachel, I kept giving up. When I decided to potty-train Jemima, I knew there would be huge benefits to training her, but potty-training isn't one of my favorite tasks as a mom. Honestly, I really dread it. So I decided to "give myself" 45 cents for every day that I stuck with potty-training Jemima.

That idea originally began, when I was trying to figure out how much money I'd save on diapers per day, but I decided that would be a fun way to motivate me, too... especially if I could then spend my "small fortune" on whatever I pleased.

Once I thought the girls were catching on (no more accidents on the floor), I transitioned them to underwear--and eventually to pants, too. Even when Rachel did great all during the day, she'd still have a wet diaper in the mornings, and that took several months before eventually her diapers were consistently dry, and she went to always wearing underwear.

OH. And we also established the rule "No drinks after 6 PM." This significantly helped with the wet-diaper problem.

So... definitely no "easy steps" (unless they'd be Patience and Perseverance ;-), but that's the potty-training process that's worked for us.


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