Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Basic Rules of Etiquette for Kids [in someone else's home]

I'm finding that as a mom, I have a general idea of what I should be teaching my kids (such as "please" and "thank you"), but there are some areas that I can easily forget about. For example, I may have thought of teaching our kids to be good hosts, but I hadn't put a lot of thought into our children being good guests. The sort of guest that people would want to invite over, and definitely the kind of guest that people wouldn't dread having back.

Although these rules of etiquette are pretty basic, I thought it would be a great reminder (for myself, first of all) of something else we can be working on with our children. 

I promise I won't make the list too long. The best way to work on these things is [definitely] going to be at home, because honestly, most of these are probably characteristics you want your kids to have at home.

Hopefully then if your child is in the habit of practicing these "rules" at home, then he/she will naturally adjust these principles in a host's home. 

When your child walks up to the host's home, ring the door bell (or knock) once or twice if necessary, but not repeatedly. (ding DONG ding DONG ding DONG...)

Say hello to the host. Look at their face (instead of down at their feet), and speak clearly.

Take off their shoes, unless they're told they don't need to.

Don't be overly loud or silly. Don't run inside.

If you've been playing outside, and you're coming inside, wash your hands.

Do not open the refrigerator, touch the host's phone, or get on the computer, unless you're given permission.

Ask where the bathroom is (instead of wandering around the house), close the door, flush when you're finished, and wash your hands.

If a door is closed, knock before entering. Never enter a bedroom unless you're invited inside. If you need to use the bathroom, and the door is closed, either knock or wait quietly outside.

If you create an accidental mess (let's say they drop something, and it shatters all over the floor), they need to run and tell either their parents or the host. Accept the responsibility for what happened, and ask what they can do to help clean it up.

If you need to ask the host something, and she (or he) is involved in a conversation, stand quietly until there's a break in the conversation, and then say "Excuse me."

If the parents aren't going to be present, then tell your child that the host is in charge. Within reason, they'll be making the rules, and your child should be expected to follow them (such as at a sleepover, if the parents say "lights out and stop talking," your child should do so.

If you're offered something you wouldn't like, say "No, thank you," instead of "I don't want that" or "I don't like that." Same would apply to if someone asks if you'd like to do something that you wouldn't prefer to.

After playing with toys or a game, clean it up. To the best of your ability, put all the pieces back exactly how you found them.

At the dinner table, do not dominate the conversation. If you need something, ask politely, but otherwise, sit quietly and eat your food. Stay seated at the table unless you've asked to be excused.

Don't touch anything (especially decor, books, furniture, movies, etc.) unless you've been given specific permission to.

If you are doing something, and the host asks you to stop, don't talk back. You're in their home; be respectful of their rules.

Don't climb on the couches, or jump off the coffee tables. Don't slam the doors.

And lastly, say thank you. Say thank you for the food, for being invited over, for all the time and effort the host may have put into your time in his/her home. 

I hope that list didn't overwhelm you. I certainly didn't mean it to! Generally, I think most of principles are deep-down about respect... respecting both others' privacy, and their property/possessions. 

This topic has definitely been something I've been thinking a lot about, and I was excited to share it with you! I'm sure there are more "basic rules of etiquette" that I missed... let me know if you think of some!


  1. These are a lot of the same things that I'm working on with my kids! They definitely like to ring the doorbell a million times...


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