Monday, February 17, 2020

5 minute way to prep for the day

One of the very best things I’ve started doing to prepare for the next day is to write down my TARGETS- basically my MAIN priorities for the following day. 

Whether it’s laundry (which was UNREAL today- such a big pile but we got through it- the kids watched Pinocchio while distributing #WIN), a specific call you want to make, something that’s imperative you buy that day (hello, eggs and diapers)....

You know ahead of time whats on your days agenda. Don’t let the day happen TO YOU. 

If you had 3-5 SPECIFIC priorities for tomorrow, what would they be.... and WRITE IT DOWN. I don’t care if it’s the notes on your phone or a 3 x 5 card or a journal from target.... write it down. 

Here’s to making our days intentional and not chaotic!! 

If this was helpful, make sure to SAVE this post to re-read on Sunday nights to prep for the week 🥳