Hi, I'm Tricia! I'm the girl behind "Clean House with Kids," and I'm so glad you found me! 

This is me with Caroline, our fourth. 

I also have three other kids--Rachel (5), Jemima (4), and Matthias (3). They keep my life busy and our house full of noise and laughter! 

Since adding Caroline (#4) to our family, we've grown increasingly more minimalistic. Having less "stuff" has saved us money, and helped us focus more on each other and less on our possessions! I love a clutter-free home, and I think it's possible to run an organized, beautiful home even when you have small children! In fact, I wrote a whole book about that (Clean House with Kids) which you can find here!

When I'm not homeschooling, or keeping up with general housekeeping and mommy-ing duties, I love thrifting, DIY projects, and decorating our house on a tiny budget. Also: big mugs of coffee, and hanging out with my dear husband Matt! So much of what we do as a family, we couldn't do without his support! 

If you stick around for a while (you can even subscribe, so you don't miss a post!), you'll find that I generally talk about pregnancy, motherhood, and fixing up our house. I also run a Facebook page (for blog and life updates) and Instagram (for pictures of us and our projects)! You'll also find me on Periscope, doing an occasional live video! Thanks for following along!