Wednesday, March 11, 2015

If You Tell a Mommy That Company's Coming

Is it just me, or does it seem that there's suddenly SO much more goin' on, when you hear that company's going to be arriving in 10 minutes?

Cleaning up for company seems sooo easy... especially when the house GENERALLY looks decent already, right?

But you want everything to just look a. little. bit. NICER, so...

You rush into the baby's room to check for toys on the floor.

While you're in there, you notice that the crib sheet isn't on the crib, which means that...

It's still in the dryer.

You run downstairs, sort quickly through the dryer and find... the crib sheet.

But while you're in the laundry room, you notice that the trash can is absolutely overflowing.

You tie up the trash, and carry it to the garage, and think, "Ahh... that needed to be done for a MONTH."

And then you realize, umm... now that trash can needs a new bag.

Whatever you say, that can certainly wait. After all, you only have 10 minutes.

Just at that moment, you hear your phone diing.

OH YEAH. You forgot about that lady who's coming to buy that dress for $5 [after all, every dollar counts!] You glance at your phone.

She's on her way.

In fact, she'll probably arrive at the exact same time as your company.

Totally cool.

You run into your daughter's bedroom and snatch up the to-be-sold dress, glancing over it to make sure it STILL looks as "very good" as you advertised. Ah. A string.

Better cut it.

Now you're after some scissors. That takes you to the kitchen, where your daughter exclaims: "Baby Brother pooped!"

"How do you know?"

"He POOPED, Mama."

"But how do you..."

And then you see it. He's leaking out onto his shorts. That's how she knew.

Would you believe that he's on his third pair of shorts today?! He must've eaten something that did NOT agree with his tummy.

Back to the baby's room, where you set out everything to change his diaper and his shorts. And then you see it... there's no crib sheet on the crib.

Are you kidding me? You left that crib sheet downstairs?

Priorities, Mama, priorities.

Back to changing that diaper...

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