Saturday, March 14, 2015

Rainy Saturday Morning + Our Numbered Stairs!

So... long story, but Matt's back to studying several hours a day, besides working full-time. It's a temporary situation, which will [hopefully] lead to many exciting changes for both him and our family! But at the same time, it's sometimes hard on our little family to have a daddy who's reading or working on the computer... and who isn't always available to play blocks or read The Bunny Book (Matthias could hear this book 10 times a day, without tiring of it!)

The weekends seem to be especially difficult. We all are feeling the end to a long week, and everyone (including Mom) can become irritable and frustrated.

I've found that often in this sort of situation, Mom + Kids need to find something different to do, or eat, or play, or watch. I'll pop popcorn, or make a microwave cake, or give the kids a shower...

"I can comb my hair ALL BY MYSELF."
No, seriously, we're all happier when we're clean! If our house had a bathtub, it'd be happening... but we don't, so showers it is.
My latest project was "born" out of needing something different to do. Which is why, one afternoon this past week, I numbered our stairs!
It was really very simple, and took me almost exactly two hours. I printed off numbers (made them in Microsoft Word!), taped them on the stairs, traced them, and then painted the numbers on in black paint. There was also a great deal of measuring involved. But we already had all the supplies, so the whole undertaking was FREE... and the kids were thrilled.
What little kid wouldn't want numbered stairs, right? Oh, and I'm also working on a painted checkerboard floor (directly below the numbers). Which is why the steps don't look perfect... still working, still working.

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