Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Welcome to our Home!

Our house is a work in progress... but it's a work that we love [most days]. When we bought this house a year ago, we got a great price for it--because it had sat empty for a while, and needed some TLC. Of course, we didn't mind. We were excited about fixing up our first home! 

This house has come a long way in a year's time, especially considering my husband has a full-time job, and I've been a little busy myself (given birth to #4, now breast-feeding, homeschooling, and all else wife-and-mommy related).

We'll keep updating this page as we update our house, but for now: here is a quick tour of our house, in its present state...

[foyer and hallway]

[living room]

[dining room]

[upstairs bathroom]

[Matthias and Caroline's Room]

[Rachel and Jemima's Room,
i.e. "The Pink Room"]

[master bedroom]

[laundry room]

[our home]

We have lots of ideas, and we always have a project or two in progress! So check back for updates in the near future...


  1. My husband and I remodeled our home one room at a time, which took us nearly two years to complete. However, that schedule fit within our budget and we had the time to plan out the rooms just the way we wanted. Progress takes time but has been well worth it since we love the results!

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