Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I'll Have a Forty-five-cent Sandwich, Please

I was walking around Target today, with a long list of house stuff to look for, with all FOUR kids in tow, and I was starving. I've been eating every 2 hours or so, plus when you're pushing a ridiculously heavy cart filled with children, it makes you even hungrier. I didn't feel like spending any money on food, so I left the shopping center earlier than I was hoping to, and came home. I found peanut butter and jelly and bread, and made myself a sandwich. As I started eating it, I thought to myself how awesome it would be if Target sold PB & J sandwiches. Because that's really all I needed. Just a simple snack.

Then I thought... The only way I'd BUY a sandwich at Target is if they sold it for, like, 45 cents. "Hey, could I please have a sandwich...?" and hand them my two quarters... and GET BACK SOME CHANGE.

I'm all for it.

1 comment:

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